Printed Labels

Garment care labels incorporating wash care informations are necessity in every garment. These labels attract even more when you take advantage of the coloursoptions available.Our labels are printed with up to six colours on face and two to the reverse, washable and dry clean resistant inks are used and alternative fabrics are also available for specific applications. Ultrasonic cutting in printed labels can also be done to make the soft edges of the labels which will be itch free control.

Production Capacity : 8 Lakh pieces per day.

Digital Printed Labels Digital printed labels are done by European machines on all kinds of satin ribbons and elastics.

Printed elastics can be done in multi colour with excellent colour fastness and sharpness in quality. This will be a step ahead of the traditional elastics and definetly will give your brand a complete value addition.

Screen Printed Labels

Clarity, contrast and depth of colours are the hall mark of screen printed labels where the print is intense and the colours are durable and effective. We have high quality fabrics and print colours which can withstand rigorous washing. Screen printing offers you a strong image and is the ideal solution when the garment is to endure rough treatment. When legible text is required despite repeated washing screen printing is the ideal solution.

Production Capacity : 1,00,000 pieces per day.